Setting a Festive Table with Etsy -Part 2 I Quilt My Day Job

I am a big fan of simple, elegant designs, and when I came across Silvia Borges store “I Quilt My Day Job” , I fell in love with the designs and fabrics of her table decor.

Starting with a mix of fabrics such as linen, velvet, and silk, and then adding a touch of embroidery details, her handmade items are the foundation on which to build your festive table with beauty, elegance and simplicity.

I love the different looks you can create with her products. Take a look at these 4 different easy ways to fold her napkins.

I asked Silvia to give us some tips on how to spruce up our table decor for a special festive occasions. Here are some of her great ideas on setting a festive table… Plus, her newest quick recipe to warm up your stomach, while her decor ideas will warm up your heart.


Anita, here is an easy celebration combination for your friends and mine.

When you look at the final set-up you might think it looks too complicated, but don’t give up. It is very, very simple. My “secret” is… I practice what I teach. While I was alone on the day I decided to share this idea with Anita, I rounded up all the items, did a little shopping, I had fun saving the images for our friends, spilled some wine and…I happily ate everything you see here, plus dinner!



So, here is how it should go, using candle glow tones to make your dinner efforts really pop up.

- Fresh, peach color roses (fresh flowers are always wonderful, you deserve them!)

- Your favorite white wine, plus St. Pellegrino water for abstaining guests

- A basic, vanilla color table cloth; candles (optional)

- An old crochet (or lace) runner and a sparkling ribbon, ironed out nicely

- Sets of corn yellow velvet Place Mats & Napkin Rings with autumn leaves appliqués, easily purchased on Etsy at my store.

- Plus matching, soft flannel napkins (used taupe color here)

- Gold rimmed water glasses, white wine goblets, and dessert demitasse glasses (optional)

You can distribute the flowers individually or arrange them as a center group, remembering to place your elbow straight up at the table and then, closing your fist, use this height to build your center piece, thus allowing guests to have an eye-to-eye conversation.

I quilt my day job

I am also going to include a delicious recipe for a “Three Ingredient Dish” that I created just last week.


1 – Mini Peppers:  these small, colorful peppers are very in.

They are easy to find, sweet, delightful, and easy to digest… washed, cleaned, cut.

2 – Coconut Oil: the latest in healthy oils; get it cold pressed.

3 – Craisins: these are cranberry raisins – I like Paul Newman’s brand.


1) Heat up 1 tbsp of coconut oil; stir-fry in the peppers for 2 min.

2) Add Craisins, cover for 1 min. then remove from heat.

3) Serve or set aside: hot/cold OK; good in salads or as a side dish.

Although my needs are very basic, there is one area I am fussy about: what goes into and around my body – foods, cosmetics, pillows and towels – have to be in harmony with my inner self. There are flip-flops in my closet but no plastic or paper will find their way to my table.

 Be adaptable; use what you have; feel contentment. What your guests feel is genuinely your outlook in life. The most successful celebration combination is a mix of the love you feel, and the sharing you give from your heart.

 Silvia Borges is a textile artist living in Tampa, FL – USA. 

Currently, she crafts handbags, textile wall art, and table décor.

VicVonPip -  Bridal,baby, totes messager bags

IQuiltMyDayjob- Table and Home Decor

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  1. So beautiful Silvia! The colors and textures are so soothing – what a wonderful setting for a special meal with friends or alone with your happy thoughts!

  2. Silvia Borges says:

    Thank you, Carol! You got the point, exactly. When the foundation of the table settings is soothing, what stands out is the food being served, and most importantly, the people enjoying it. You just gave me more happy thoughts! Be well :) Silvia

  3. Extraordinary and Beautiful, Silvia!! This would make any guest feel very pampered and loved!

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