5 easy ways of adding texture to your home

When decorating our homes we often think a lot about  how to add color and pattern. Color and pattern are important to a home as they stimulate the eyes and mind. But adding  texture to your home stimulates the touch and generally adds depth and interest to your decor.

Texture can also be used to enhance the style of a room. Refined and smooth textures are perfect for traditional rooms, while contemporary spaces need more texture to add interest. For a more feminine room, it is better to keep texture subtle and elegant while for masculine room it is the opposite. If you love neutral shades in your decor then texture becomes very important as it add depth.

Texture is often the least or last thought about aspect of decorating a home but there are many ways of adding texture to your home that is not   complicated. It is easy to add visual depth and interest to your home decor by enhancing elements that are already present or making small changes and adding inexpensive accessories.

1) Walls

Accent one part of your wall . In my own living room one part of the wall is stone…the house was designed during the 80s , when we renovated it we decided to keep the stone wall as it added visual interest and depth to our living room.

Stone wall via comfyheaven.com

Adding wood paneling to one part of your wall is another great way. The grain and texture of wood always adds warmth to a home.

white washed wall

white washed wood paneled wall via remodelista.com

A less expensive and easier method would be to add textured wall paper to one part of your wall.

Grasscloth wallpaper adds texture to a wall.

Grasscloth wallpaper. Image via bhg.com

Paintings, photographs can also be added on to a wall to make a room feel more friendly and homely.

The ceiling is an important fifth wall in your home. If you have wooden ceiling this automatically adds texture to your home or room.  You can even paint your ceiling a bold shade or go with complimentary colors to give your room a textured feel.

3) Adding rugs

adding texture with rugs via pinterest.com

adding texture with rugs via pinterest.com

One of the easiest way to add texture to your floor is using rugs. Rugs have gone beyond adding a shaggy bit of carpet, the variations and choices available now are really vast.  Flooring options are getting more sophisticated and greener.  Area rugs and carpeting that are eco-friendly with earthy textures are being made out of materials like bamboo, jute and seagrass and give your home warm, earthy feel.


3) Accessories are less expensive way to bring texture into your home without making any structural changes to your decor. Not just in the form of rugs and pillows but creating areas of interest in your home. Perhaps you love collecting black and white photos, sea shells or bottles, think of creative ways of displaying these items.

image via anindiansummer-design.blogspot.com/

image via anindiansummer-design.blogspot.com/

butterfly collection via pinterest.com

butterfly collection via pinterest.com


4) Adding natural elements

Adding natural elements like branches , plants, natural wood furniture also adds great visual impact to a room making it  inviting for guests.


image via bringingnaturehome

natural elements in living room

natural elements in living room

5) Adding throws and pillows

A quick way to liven up a room and add textural interest  is by using throw and pillows . If you love a certain color , use pillows with different textures and fabrics or contrasting colors . Add in a woven throw over your sofa…


image via pinterest.com

image via pinterest.com


Creating texture with pillows and plants image via Bringingnaturehome.com

Creating texture with pillows and plants image via Bringingnaturehome.com


adding textured pillows image via ethanallen.com

adding textured pillows image via ethanallen.com

Adding texture to you home will be a aspect of design that will never go away even elements of adding texture will change according to trends and taste. So  don’t be afraid to experiment by adding layers, colors and pattern and achieving a look in your home that is totally unique.

anitasig_zps2d269dbcHow have you  created texture in your home? I would love to know… leave a comment below!


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  1. Being that we hired a local interior designer with a specialty in color when we built our home 13 years ago, this post really once again, validated our choice Anita. I’d say we have most of these texture features in our home. No ceiling beams and no shag carpet. Your post made me quite happy! Thanks.

    Over from LinkedIn group BHB

    • great to hear, hiring a interior designer always takes the stress out of it all and generally a lot of mistakes. I am really glad you enjoyed my post Patricia.

  2. Beautiful pictures and great ideas! I did add a red shag area rug in the guest room (over a hardwood floor) and it has added great texture there! But to get away from so much wood in my living area, I used a glass dining table top on a tradition wood base as too much wood made it feel small and flat!

  3. Love your take on texture and home decor! Great ideas and such pretty pictures!

  4. I love all of these and when I buy again, I will remember these great ideas!

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